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Time Clock Wizard User Base Exceeds 50k, Mobile App in Beta -Crushing it With Crowd Sourcing

Plantation, Florida (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Since its inception last spring, Time Clock Wizard has grown to accommodate more than 10,000 small to medium-sized businesses, with a total user base of more than 50,000 employees and managers. Critical feedback has been garnered from their existing user base resulting in the development of valuable tools designed to make employee time management and payroll easier than ever.

Taking this revolutionary service to new heights, the recently added features will enable businesses both (big and small) the opportunity to effectively manage scheduling, clock ins and outs, and generate payroll reports more efficiently. Some of the newest features added include:

    Mobile app for smart phones (like Android) that allows employees and managers to perform all needed scheduling, payroll, and clock in functions from anywhere via the Internet. (Currently in Beta. Release Due in Early Summer 2015)        
    Fully-equipped, scheduling system that allows you to create schedules easily and effortlessly with printing abilities.
    Shift Switch Requests that allow the managers to stop being the middle man for employees wanting to switch a shift with another employee.
    Clock Point Restrictions that create peace of mind for managers by ensuring that employees are on location when clocking in.
    Customized payroll that offers different options to ensure any state requirements can be met by allowing companies to customize who gets overtime and when.

‘’When we created Time Clock Wizard, versatility has always been a core principal,’’ said Marshall Golub, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. ‘‘In order to achieve this goal, we use crowd sourcing to elicit valuable feedback, and we apply suggestions and requests from actual users of the system when we develop new features. Listening to our clients gives our company a clear advantage in this industry.’’

Available in full release, Time Clock Wizard delivers a profound free version that has achieved considerable notoriety for its robust features that suit the needs of most businesses. Premium versions are currently in development for businesses with more in-depth employee time tracking and scheduling needs.

About Time Clock Wizard

Accessed from any device with the Internet, Time Clock Wizard, a subsidiary of First Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc., is a free, online web application that allows employees to clock in and out online while employers manage online scheduling and payroll generation. The Florida-based company has built their success upon the fundamental principal of ‘crowd-sourced’ information to create the most intuitive user experience possible. For more information, visit


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